FORFIRM's founder said one day...

“In the beginning of the economic crisis, I began to think about creating a company that could contribute to the real economy rather than the financial economy. I wondered what I could do, as a person, to make the balance between finance and the economy more fair and to help businesses grow and become more competitive. I created a company, as a family, where we all help each other and so that we can provide as well a hope for future generations.”

Founder & CEO



At FORFIRM we love technology, it is our core and drive for everything we do.

Since our very beginning in 2010, we have strived to deliver not only high-class IT consulting services but also innovative digital products that ease and enhance the way people and companies do business.

FORFIRM was born with the purpose of generating powerful solutions that boost digital adoption and cause a positive impact in our communities and society.
This is exactly we do and where our expertise is concentrated at.


Our ultimate objective is to become a leading European FinTech that keeps growing and evolving to meet the needs of our clients in the international markets.



To create an economic world that is more balanced and less dependent of the finance world.