The opening of a new office in Bellinzona is part of the internationalization plan of the consulting firm

FORFIRM Consulting looks over the border of Italy in order to enter the neighboring Switzerland with a view to expansion at European level.

The opening of the Bellinzona office in Piazza Collegiata 1 represents the milestone of three intense years of exponential growth and the first step towards an effective internationalization of FORFIRM Consulting. The new Bellinzona’s branch will strenghten the company’s business, creating an important link with companies in the near European countries.

IT consulting, SAP Security, Blockchain, Project Management, Software development beyond state borders

The company’s expansion beyond the state borders will offer the possibility to create a wide consulting network on European scale within a year, in which important services will be offered to leading companies such as foreign branches , including SAP Security, Blockchain development, Software development and Project Management.