FORFIRM is a consulting firm that bases its turnover on the value of its employees. Every person in the FORFIRM family, regardless of the degree and task, makes an important contribution to the innovative ecosystem that is created.
For this reason the FORFIRM hierarchy is mainly based on a circular system, so that, at each level, everyone makes a fundamental contribution to the success of the project and the consequent success of the company.
The levels of our company are mainly based on the tasks that each one covers, rather than on a pyramidal hierarchy.
The levels are:


The consultant assumes responsibility for the achievement of the assigned project objectives and must at the same time commit himself to constantly training himself in the areas of his competence.


The assistant manager is responsible for the success of the project entrusted to him, must be trained in the technical areas of reference and at the same time must worry about the first sales activities.


The manager is responsible for direct relations with the client for a specific organizational unit. It must constantly keep up to date with the technical innovations required by the labor market and must be able to identify potential customers, offer them contracts and finally finalize them.


The partner holds positions as a manager of the company and for this reason must be able to identify new customers and business opportunities. In addition to this, the partner is responsible for the corporate training and change plan and is consequently responsible for company growth and the growth of know-how.