How is Forfirm’s recruitment process?

In FORFIRM, the employee’s happiness is very important that’s why we take care about our recruitment process in order to recruit potential team members that would follow our work environment.

How do we do that? Evaluating Emotional intelligence at first.

This is our recruitment process:

  1. An emotional Intelligence test to do at home.
  2. Face-to-Face interview with our HR Manager in order to evaluate your personality.
  3. Cases studies adapted to your job position to do at home in order to evaluate your skills.
  4. Face-to-face interview with the CEO of our company.




In Forfirm, the happiness of each team member is important that’s why we need to know your personality in order to see if it fits with Forfirm’s culture. Happiness is about being confortable at work, having a good relationship with your colleagues and enjoying a confortable work environment.

Let us introduce Forfirm’s philosophy:

There is no hierarchy in Forfirm. We have a circle, and we are all in this circle. Each of us have many different skills, which allows us to work in cooperation and constantly share our knowledge in order to keep learning every day. When you join this circle, you contribute your skills and knowledge to create a better synergy between all of us. Furthermore, we don’t like restrictions nor authority. We believe that each Forfirm team member is responsible enough to be self-organized, that means that schedule and holidays are up to you.

Forfirm team members others to tell them what to do. They are proactive, they love challenges and they enjoy  going beyond they own boundaries.


Genius don’t always like school, not traditional school as we know it. IT world is always changing and IT lovers can never give up of learning and being updated. We believe that there technology is learnt practicing it and that having a proactive and genuine mind is taught through failures, creativity and effort.

What do you say if we tell you that we have understood this point and that we have created a school only for IT lovers? A school without books, without teacher and without schedule. A school where you and your mind are alone in a learning path that will change your professional future.

We give the opportunity to IT lovers to transform their passion in their work. Become a full stack developer or a full stack tester.

What do you need to be to participate in this school?

  • Proactive
  • Agile
  • Self-organised
  • Passionate for IT




6    month of deadline

5    programming languages to learn

4    challenges to succeed

3    month of deadline

2    screens to work with

1    coach to support you