FORFIRM is answering real business challenges for our clients through innovation and deep industry knowledge



FORFIRM is an amazing experience for talented people interested in innovation. In fact, the European Innovation Management Academy, based on the "House of Innovation" framework by A.T. Kearney analyzed over 3'000 digital companies around Europe scoring FORFIRM at the TOP in terms of innovation strategy, Organization and culture of innovation, life cycle and Enabler factor.

FORFIRM is expanding in new European market and at the end of 2019 the company will be present in the following countries: ITALY (2014), SWITZERLAND (2018) and UK (2019) and people that want to be relocated temporary or definitely in another country of the group are incentivized.



What are the principal FORFIRM’s areas?
FORFIRM has three main macro-areas on which the labor market permeates. In each of these, FORFIRM chooses consultants who are highly specialized in the field and vertical with respect to the skills required by the area in which they work.


Three are the main organs of FORFIRM:



Strategy and Governace Units cover the tasks of managing bureaucratic activities, relations with customers, marketing and research contacts.
The organizational unit has the task of define the service lines in terms of methodologies.
The employee of this area also have the responsibility of governance of projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Account Number Portability, Hybrid Cloud, Software License trading, IT AS A SERVICE, PSD2, SECURITY and digital banking in the pre-sales phase, to the delivery phase.
This area is also able to issue documents of Business Analyze in the field of Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Account Number Portability, Hybrid Cloud, PSD2 and Digital in Banking.


The organizational unit has different the tasks principally in development area. In particular the developers have to implement projects in the digital environment, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Account Number Portability and PSD2 and have to be able to Conversion of applications to be transferred to the Cloud.
The developers have to maintain and make better the project laboratory in digital, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and cloud. Technical training in development for the following areas: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and have the responsibility of the realization of test automation projects.


The architecture department has the principal scope to define the application architectures, data and project infrastructure in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud
In addition a FORFIRM’s architect has to implement projects in the Mainframe migration, IT AS A SERVICE and DB2 fields and must be able to release functional and technical analysts in Banking sector.
The architect department must be able to give an assessment in the field of Technical Security
and follow/release technical training in architecture for the following areas: DB2 Mainframe, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud. Last but not least, the architects can Evaluate and complete technical Partnerships.



For us the best way to improve is to always aim high. Within the core of FORFIRM, every employee, from the consultant to the partner, is based on five essential pillars that will allow them not only to live peacefully in the workplace, but also to grow professionally within the FORFIRM staff.


Think big! 

Those who think big, become great. Those who think small ... remain small. Putting yourself ahead of new challenges and giving yourself stimulating goals is the first step towards professional growth.


Entrepreneurial mentality

To climb within the company it is important to have an entrepreneurial mindset, able to "sniff out" business opportunities and have good business skills. Remember: a consultant is a person who must always sell his skills in the labor market.


Forming, innovating, proposing

For us, the term "proactive" should not be just a sexy word to be included in the curriculum to attract the attention of the employer but must be constantly put into practice. In the FORFIRM family, everyone has a say in any matter and can give added value to the company. For this reason, we encourage every employee to propose his idea or his vision on the project. Moreover, to be always competitive on the market, every employee of the FORFIRM family must constantly update on new technologies, getting involved with training and certifications.


Humility, commitment, help, passion, and know-how to accept an evaluation

The soft skills at FORFIRM are not of secondary importance. Having a good character, knowing how to relate with other employees, supporting the work of other team members by making available their know-how, being able to accept an assessment by a superior and strive to improve, with passion and commitment, are the component we are looking for in our employees.


Take responsibility

Our system is strongly meritocratic, so that, in order for a climb to take place within our staff, the assumption of responsibility by the employee is essential. Within our company it is possible to climb within a short time, without sexual prejudices, of religious orientation or race.

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FORFIRM career path is based on the principle of the "knowledge economy" that can be translated in a pragmatic way:

"The decision is taken by the person which has higher experience on that matter".
"Every team member is required to achieve the result"


FORFIRM hierarchy is mainly based on a circular system, so that, at each level, everyone makes a fundamental contribution to the success of the project and the consequent success of the company.

The levels of our company are mainly based on the tasks that each one covers, rather than on a pyramidal hierarchy.


The levels are:



The consultant assumes responsibility for the achievement of the assigned project objectives and must at the same time commit himself to constantly training in the areas of his competence.


Assistant manager

The assistant manager is responsible for the success of the project entrusted to him, must be trained in the technical areas of reference and at the same time must worry about the first sales activities.



The manager is responsible for direct relations with the client for a specific organizational unit. They must constantly keep up to date with the technical innovations required by the labor market and must be able to identify potential customers, offer them contracts and finally finalize them.



The partner holds positions as a manager of the company and for this reason, must be able to identify new customers and business opportunities. In addition to this, the partner is responsible for the corporate training and change plan and is consequently responsible for company growth and the growth of know-how.







FORFIRM is based on meritocracy and gamification as key principles to regulate career advancement in a linear and transparent way.

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How does Gamification work?


Gamification is based on game dynamics and mechanics such as achievement, collection, engagement, collaboration and unlocking surprises.

Thanks to Gamification you are able to develop your best skills through many activities, gaining points, and the possibility to unlock a bonus and to facilitate your career development.




What is included in Gamification?

The Gamification building blocks represent activities that cover the parameters based on which the total score can be achieved.


Which are the gaming areas?

Gaming is aimed at all categories of employees who want to get involved in areas that are not within their competence, such as R & D, HR, marketing or transfer of knowledge to other employees.

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-On reaching 40.000 points, you unlock a 1.000 € bonus

-On encashing the bonus, your bonus points will be 0

-Final promotion happens based on your performance and 360 Degree Feedback

-After reaching the next level (promotion), the points are reset, and you start playing again!



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