Corporate Compliance

We evaluate the impact of new regulations and digital threats (such as data loss or theft) to our clients and design effective changes to process operations to prevent business disruption and legal risks



In order to protect company information and preserve business continuity, it is necessary to coordinate personnel behaviour, business processes and cyber technology across different departments. A Virtual-CISO can provide such a service, tailored to fit your company structure and culture.



In the aftermath of incidents, companies need to collect, preserve and produce forensic evidence for regulatory and insurance collection purposes

FORFIRM can support clients with market-leading technology in all phases of the incident handling process.



A risk-based approach requires Least Privilege authorisation and segregation of duties among users profiles to be consistently maintained over time.

Due to the changing market situation, organisations are growing and rapidly changing. As a result, inappropriate authorisations and activity are not acceptable for external auditors and regulators and this has implications for corporate risk and fraud management.



Individual access to company information is a key aspect of information security. Proper user profiling, lifecycle and maintenance and segregation of duties proactively defend company assets.




Defining strategies and adoption process to set a security posture, policies, solutions and partnerships in cloud, mobile and IOT domains.



Regulatory Compliance

FORFIRM can support in the cloud journey with proven experience. We hold established business partnerships with Microsoft Azure and AWS, allowing compliance with standing frameworks and regulations and the ability to define an appropriate Shared Responsibility Matrix with Cloud Service Providers.

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Cloud Migration 

FORFIRM can support in the cloud journey with proven experience and official business partnership with Microsoft Azure and AWS

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