- Case Study -




The Real Estate division of one of the most prestigious European Banking Groups needed to develop advanced reporting and perform advanced and predictive analysis to: monitor its key performance indicators (KPIs), improve its decision making process, reduce operating costs such as maintenance cost and increase ATM channel profitability.

FORFIRM developed an end to end solution leveraging the power of data.  Starting with unstructured data and reporting, FORFIRM proposed a quick-win approach to achieve short term results, whilst keeping the focus on the long term goals.

The approach delivered the mapping of KPIs and interaction/relation between, dashboard implementation facilitating the required monitoring.   A data lake was created to aggregate all Client data sources, development of predictive maintenance algorithms and an advanced scorecard to identify optimal ATM positioning.



+20 Real Estate key phenomena and related KPIs monitored; +70 analysis enabled at a glance (cross phenomena/cross structure); +3000 drill down the availability

Creation of the first Real estate data lake: + 250 data sources investigated and analysed