FORFIRM: a place where the word "meritocracy" does not remain an abstract concept
FORFIRM is strongly characterized by avant-garde and innovative values. We believe in talents and that is why within our society we offer a real possibility of career advancement through purely meritocratic criteria.

The mobile organization of FORFIRM
Our organization is highly flexible and every employee is given the opportunity to make a career. Our company is structured on the following professional figures:

Consultant: they are resources that work with a dual objective: to complete work tasks and at the same time engage in personal training, both on the job and through the courses.
Assistant manager: he is a figure that has achieved full awareness of his professional role and is able to manage small teams independently. He has a good deal of leadership and organizes the first commercial steps in proposing new work projects.
Manager: he is an authoritative person and able to manage complex projects. Intercept the new trends, define and plan the research and development laboratories, perceive the needs or the training gap and understand how to fix them.
Partner: draws the organizational model and represents the point of development and training (coaching) for managers with the aim of forming the new ruling class.
Nothing precludes that a consultant manager can become a partner. Through an annual evaluation based on quantitative data, each employee is given the opportunity to move to the next work step according to the following evaluation criteria:

Technical skills
Degree of innovation
Ability to get involved
No gender distinction: we believe in equal rights
FORFIRM firmly believes that talents should not be distinguished by gender or ethnicity. This is why we guarantee the same salary to men or women, Italians or foreigners.

We deport the internships after their studies
FORFIRM fights for the contractual guarantee of its employees. For this reason it deprecates the protracted stage after the studies, immediately offering a permanent contract to all its resources.