Social Responsability

Our commitment has obtained such recognition for which we have been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and by the National Register for the alternation School-Work:

"... on the basis of data from the Ministry of Education, his company is one of those that have already hosted students from the last three years of high school alternating school-work, and has therefore shown that he possesses social sensitivity and ethical approach. necessary to achieve the goals of this new institution, introduced by law 107/15, which aims to reduce the distance between the world of school and that of work. "


Stage and white paper

FORFIRM crede fortemente nel valore formativo degli stage durante il percorso di studi e per questo motivo si offre come garante di formazione qualitativamente d'alto profilo.
I nostri studenti in stage sono monitorati da un coach con lo scopo di guidarli nello sviluppo di progetti di tesi.

The birth of VareseNext: an italian innovation hub focues in FINTECH area.

Precisely to guarantee the city of Varese a place for research and development of ideas from the effective degree of innovation, FORFIRM has founded a start-up incubator with a strong focus on the FINTECH sector:  VARESENEXT.

Our Social involvement

The values on which FORFIRM is based not only apply to the working field, but also extend beyond the company boundaries.
FORFIRM has in fact chosen to support the medical-humanitarian interventions in the world of Doctors Without Borders by joining the Aziende Senza Frontiere program.

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