FORFIRM promotes training by embracing the LearnQuest initiative.

FORFIRM, as a company with a strong innovative footprint, has become part of the online training provided by the prestigious LearnQuest platform, which offers web-based training solutions.

In July 2018 this partnership was formalized and has begun to have great impact on the entire European market.
LearnQuest and FORFIRM believe that a mixed training solution, combining the benefits of instructor-led and e-Learning training, is the most effective way to provide training.

LearnQuest adapts its mixed approach to each client’s goals.

How will the lessons be articulated?

The package offered by FORFIRM and LearnQuest will include:

• Interactive lessons
• Application sharing
• Virtual whiteboard
• Breakout sessions
• Private text chat
• Test, Quiz and Polling

Benefits of Web-based training in real time

• Provides real-time interaction with the instructor and classmates from the comfort of your home or office
• Reaches geographically dispersed students within your company
• Eliminates travel time for instructors and students and related expenses
• Presents opportunities for people to advance their skills and gain access to colleagues and experts from other locations.

FORFIRM and E-Learning with self-learning

FORFIRM and LearnQuest offer a customized asynchronous e-learning course development. Using a rigorous and accredited methodology, FORFIRM educational designers and experts can create customized e-learning content that can be distributed anywhere, anytime.

Many of the courses can be delivered via personalized e-learning.

Characteristics of e-learning at individual pace:
• Learning can take place anytime, anywhere
• Personalized Courseware of the same quality available as e-Learning
• It can be taken as independent learning or provided as a reinforcement and reference for people who have attended a training course in the classroom
• Combination of lesson elements in the classroom and hands on the application of technology
• Can be hosted in the current customer learning management system

Benefits of individual e-learning

• Reaches geographically dispersed students within your company
• Students can access learning at their leisure
• Learning can be repeated without incurring additional costs
• Eliminates travel time for instructors and students and related expenses