What are the principal FORFIRM’s areas?

FORFIRM has three main macro-areas on which the labor market permeates. In each of these, FORFIRM chooses consultants who are highly specialized in the field and vertical with respect to the skills required by the area in which they work.

Three are the main organs of FORFIRM:

Strategy and Governance

Strategy and Governace Units cover the tasks of managing bureaucratic activities, relations with customers, marketing and research contacts.

The organizational unit has the task of define the service lines in terms of methodologies.

The employee of this area also have the responsibility of governance of projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Account Number Portability, Hybrid Cloud, Software License trading, IT AS A SERVICE, PSD2, SECURITY and digital banking in the pre-sales phase, to the delivery phase.

This area is also able to issue documents of Business Analyze in the field of Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Account Number Portability, Hybrid Cloud, PSD2 and Digital in Banking.

Our employees are also able to Implement software license trading projects, BPM and SAP GRC and training in Agile
This unit is also responsible for the FINTECH Laboratory, so is able to identify, test and request partnerships on new Unicorn start-ups.

At the same time the unit of governance is able to cover the areas of copywriting, therefore prepare introductory articles on Banking and technology areas.
As far as the PR side is concerned, this unit is responsible for organizing or forging relationships with people who organize events in the banking sector

Innovation Delivery

The organizational unit has different the tasks principally in development area. In particular the developers have to  implement projects in the digital environment, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Account Number Portability and PSD2 and have to be able to Conversion of applications to be transferred to the Cloud.

The developers have to maintain and make better the project laboratory in digital, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and cloud. Technical training in development for the following areas: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and have the responsibility of the realization of test automation projects.


The architecture department has the principal scope to define the application architectures, data and project infrastructure in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud
In addition a FORFIRM’s architect has to implement projects in the Mainframe migration, IT AS A SERVICE and DB2 fields and must be able to release functional and technical analysts in Banking sector.

The architect department must be able to give an assessment in the field of Technical Security
and follow/release technical training in architecture for the following areas: DB2 Mainframe, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud. Last but not least, the architects can    Evaluate and complete technical Partnerships.