See how six organizations simplify IAM for SAP and other platforms with a certified solution from One Identity

Today, employees expect to get access to the information they need to do their jobs from anywhere and at any time, regardless of the target system or application.


However, this kind of seamless access requires the universal implementation of an identity and access management (IAM) solution across an organization’s IT infrastructures and software platforms—which can be significantly challenging. In addition to having to speed onboarding and deprovisioning, IT departments must also standardize roles and maintain compliance with corporate and government-imposed security and privacy regulations.

Implementation of an effective IAM solution becomes even more complicated when business-critical platforms like SAP are involved. That’s because SAP has its own security and access governance requirements, and it’s typically managed by a dedicated team that’s separate from the one responsible for the corporate IAM program.

Why struggle with IAM, especially when it comes to SAP? One Identity Manager is a comprehensive IAM solution that’s certified by SAP to work seamlessly with the growing portfolio of SAP modules. With Identity Manager, you can dramatically simplify and improve user lifecycle management, governance and authentication for all your SAP implementations across production, test, development and even sandbox environments. And because Identity Manager also interoperates with cross-platform applications and hybrid architectures, you can use it as your central IAM solution to protect all your systems and data.




Investing wisely in identity management

Union Investment provides same-day system access and meets tougher auditing standards with a single identity management solution


Today, Union Investment … increases control and insight over who has access to data about €257 billion in assets stored in systems including SAP. The company also simplifies regulatory compliance, cuts risk and speeds provisioning from up to four days to just one because it takes one minute to set up a new user profile. Union Investment achieves this by:


Enhancing auditing and compliance automatically

Jemena in Australia mitigates access management risks with automated attestation processes


Today, Jemena … boosts security, increases efficiency and reduces risk associated with managing access to SAP ERP, Active Directory and 18 other business applications used by 2,000 permanent staff as well as 1,500 temporary employees whose roles frequently change. Jemena achieves this by:


Simplifying and improving data protection and access

Wayne State University increases efficiency and security by streamlining IAM workflows with Identity Manager


Today, Wayne State University… has the IAM solution it needs to improve security, data protection and service levels. In addition to increasing IT uptime, boosting staff efficiency and decreasing complexity, the university can now easily scale its offerings to support growth and change. Wayne State University achieves this by:


Delivering more than just protection against accidents

Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund takes the pain out of access management


Today, Suva … has a future-proof IAM solution that improves security and IT staff efficiency. Suva is also lowering operating costs and projecting a complete return on investment within four years. Suva achieves this by:


Franke gains control of identity management

Global manufacturer turns challenging environment into an efficient global management system


Today, Franke … has improved IT security, cost savings and efficiency with its IAM solution. Provisioning and deprovisioning access to global on-premises and cloud-based systems take just 30 minutes of effort. And domain name changes involving SAP, Active Directory and other global systems take just minutes instead of weeks or months. Franke achieves this by:


German bank overcomes barriers to access management

BHF-BANK achieves 40 percent faster approval times for systems access and cuts administration time on identity management by 20 hours a week


Today, BHF-BANK … has the IAM solution it needed to improve IT security and governance over its disparate systems that include SAP and significant numbers of proprietary applications. The company is also saving 20 hours each week in IAM management effort. BHF-BANK achieves this by: