FORFIRM now is IBM partner

“It is a great honor to enter into the world of IBM. Being a partner of the world’s leading IT company is a great pride” said Daniele Fusarpoli, Project Manager at Forfirm Consulting.

“Working with the pioneers of innovation, like IBM, is an honor and a burden at the same time” said Valter Fusco, professor of Blockchain IBM “to IBM is credited with innovations that have made the history of computing: the floppy disk, the paper Magnetic band, the relational database, the motherboard, the PS / 2 connectors, would not have existed if IBM had not been.These elements have changed the history of computer innovation.FORFIRM Consulting will have to live up to this great pioneer of innovation bringing its contribution in terms of innovation “

Founded on June 16, 1911, but in fact active since 1888, IBM has several offices, including those in Armonk and New York. The company manufactures and sells computer hardware and software and services, offers infrastructure, hosting services, cloud computing services and consulting. Today, in addition to hardware, software and services, IBM is emerging as a company that provides cognitive solutions and cloud platforms. Thanks to the spread of IBM services, IBM’s main product becomes the mainframe, where it is still the market leader. On April 7, 1964, it announced the IBM System / 360 mainframe family that will remain in production between 1965 and 1978.

The contribution of FORFIRM Consulting with IBM Partnerworld

The consulting company FORFIRM Consulting will contribute to a large and prestigious company like IBM offering services in the branch of the Blockchain (in particular Hyperledger Fabric) and in the REST development A.P.I.