Forfirm is formed by several branches of knowledge which cooperate among themselves to offer the most comprehensive solutions. As in any ecosystem, Forfirm provides the right environment where ideas interact and create a community of knowledge open to anyone who wishes to contribute.

SMARTIFY: The first and only platform that combines procurement and sales process integration into online Banking.

IBAN PORTABILITY: Allows portability of IBAN from one bank to another. Thanks to it, users are able to always use the same public code to perform transfers, even if when switching banks.

CONSULTING: Our distinctive innovative knowledge in consulting is highly appreciated in Banking, Telco and Pharmaceutical sectors.

VARESE NEXT: It comprises two main areas: Scoula 39 and an innovation incubator.



We are looking for external investment for the commercial development of our product SMARTIFY


We are looking for external investment to be able to start the marketing campaign of our IBAN PORTABILITY project

FORFIRM was created with an objective of a group of people of wanting to improve and enhance the real economy. This startup started in 2014 and thanks to the continuous improvement of the work guides and always respecting the main objective, it has succeed to has a growth rate in 2016 of 112%.