FORFIRM deals with the interception of the service request,defining processes and toolsfor managing the request, categorising andrecordingit in the appropriate logs and monitoring the process status so as to promptly intervene in the event of a violation of service levels

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    Thanks to event management, FORFIRM will be able to intercept events through a specialset upof the mechanism of event generation, which will befiltered and categorisedaccording to predefined parameters, allowing an answer to be defined applying to the single event. Finally, we willcheck that each event has been correctly handledand closed

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    We defineprocesses and toolsto ensure correct management of incidents, to subsequently classify and record the incidents by assigning a degree ofresolution priority, and to understand whether the incident needs immediate resolution (subdivision into levels)

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    We willproactively identify problemsthat have emerged, categorising according to thetype and priorityof intervention. We will carry out an analysis aimed atdiagnosing the problemand solving it, before practically intervening in the evasion of the problem

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    FORFIRM will advise on thebest technical solutionsin the market and assume full responsibility for their performance. We supervise the procurement, implementation and maintenance of the solution independently, guaranteeing thebest technical and quality standards at a market-leading pricethanks to our extensive network of partnerships with leading distributors in the SW and HW fields

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We offer a SAP outsourcing factory located in Switzerland, providing a first-class service without compromises, guaranteeing high standards in the solutions delivered and return on investment.


The digital market is no longer a secondary channel - in most sectors, it is the primary. Not having a high-quality online presence can damage client business in terms of both sales and exposure to risk.

Using predictive instruments to anticipate performance issues is key to avoid irreversible damages.


IT evolution has led to cyber war on a global level: it is no longer single hackers who attack computer systems, but entire organisations that, through a platoon of hackers, strategically attack specific companies or even governments.

These attacks use sophisticated social hacking techniques able to penetrate the core of the company using employee equipment as a Trojan to steal voice data and images.

Each modern organisation needs to defend their intellectual property, ideally with the set-up of both a defence line and a preventive attacker line.