FORFIRM Consulting official member of Hyperledger and Linux Foundation

“We are honored to become members of Hyperledger,” says Gaspare Corona, Blockchain Leader of the FORFIRM group.

“Having worked actively with Hyperledger for some time, this decision reflects our desire to bring our involvement to a higher level and become true actors and contributors to the foundation,” said Valter Fusco, Blockchain Architect of FORFIRM.

“FORFIRM has a network of Blockchain experts on the European territory, which works on the customer in different industries to explore this distruptive technology in depth to spread it now!” declares Enzo Russo, FORFIRM CEO and Founder

FORFIRM  is an official member of the Hyperledgere and Linux Foundation consortium

FORFIRM officially joined the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger partnerships. These organizations will work in synergy with a common goal: to develop from blockchain technology.

The partnership between Linux Foundation and Hyperledger

The Linux Foundation supports the creation of sustainable open source ecosystems by providing financial and intellectual resources, infrastructures, services, events and training. Working together with Hyperledger, the Linux Foundation and its projects are the most ambitious investment with strong potential for creating shared technologies.