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SAP ARIBA – Financial Services - Trading


SAP ARIBA – Financial Services - Trading


Business Challenge

Financial services company had a non-compliant, local, complex, paper or email-based procurement processes.

Manual work was increasing the frequency and volume of errors and fraud as well as the effort to comply with local tax/invoicing rules.

The manual process was leading to poor efficiency of processes and poor performances of procurement team.

Company was exposed to fines, sanctions with poor data reliability.

No visibility on supplier commitment, outdated vendor master management and lack of spend analysis & categorisation.


Project and Business Results

To implement a full ‘Source to Pay’ solution starting from 2019 with data integration to ERP.

One place for easy and optimized procurement decisions and processes at global level for all countries.

Reached audit compliance and audit traceability.

Reduced RFP management cycle time and buyers’ transactional activities.

Better Spend analysis and supplier consolidation and management.

Geographical Scope : Global tool