FORFIRM's commitment has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and by the National Register for the alternation School-Work:

"... on the basis of data from the Ministry of Education, FORFIRM is one of those companies that have already hosted students from the last three years of high school alternating school-work, and has therefore shown that it is oriented to social sensitivity and an ethical approach, both necessary to achieve the goals of this new project, introduced by law 107/15, which aims to reduce the distance between the academic world and the labour market. "

Our commitment to training: internships and white papers

FORFIRM strongly believes in the formative value of internships during the course of study and for this reason offers itself as a guarantor of high-quality training.
Our internship students are monitored by a qualified coach with the aim of guiding them in the development of thesis projects.

Our social commitment: beyond the company's borders

The values on which FORFIRM is based not only apply to the working field, but also extend beyond the company boundaries.
FORFIRM has chosen to support the medical-humanitarian interventions in the world of Doctors Without Borders by joining the Aziende Senza Frontiere program.