The key to our success: here are the solid points our employees adhere to

For us the best way to improve is to always aim high. Within the core of FORFIRM, every employee, from the consultant to the partner, is based on five essential pillars that will allow him not only to live peacefully in the workplace, but also to grow professionally within the FORFIRM staff
And here in five points what is the spirit of the company and the FORFIRM family

Think big!

Those who think big, become great. Those who think small ... remain small. Putting yourself ahead of new challenges and giving yourself stimulating goals is the first step towards professional growth.

Entrepreneurial mentality

To climb within the company it is important to have an entrepreneurial mindset, able to "sniff out" business opportunities and have good business skills. Remember: the consultant is a person who must always sell his skills in the labor market.

Forming, innovating, proposing

For us the term "proactive" should not be just a sexy word to be included in the curriculum to attract the attention of the employer, but must be constantly put into practice. In the FORFIRM family everyone has a say in any matter and can give added value to the company. For this reason we push so much so that every employee proposes his idea or his vision on the project. Moreover, to be always competitive on the market, every employee of the FORFIRM family must constantly update on new technologies, getting involved with training and certifications.

Humility, commitment, help, passion and knowing how to accept an evaluation

The soft skills at FORFIRM are not of secondary importance. Have a good character, know how to relate with other employees, support the work of other team members by making available their know-how, being able to accept an assessment by a superior and strive to improve, with passion and commitment, are the component we are looking for in our employees.

Take responsibility

Our system is strongly meritocratic, so that, in order for a climb to take place within our staff, the assumption of responsibility by the employee is essential. Within our company it is possible to climb within a short time, without sexual prejudices, of religious orientation or race.

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