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Automation Boosts CX



Automation Boosts CX

UK’s largest small business retail network wanted to transform the customer experience in sales and customer service for General Insurance. Their Goal: Grow the business and provide best in class service and fulfilment. 

The key enabling solution was a system which:

  • Managed all customer interactions and CRM
  • Automated processes, through RPA, workflow and integration
  • Increased sales through agent efficiency and improved knowledge
  • Increased customer loyalty due to a transformed Customer Experience
  • Ensured that all regulatory requirements were met.

The system deployed allowed an agent to have a single system of record for all customer interactions and any back-office system, while automating key back office processes. Being in a compliance driven environment, the system also guided every agent through each customer contact ensuring that each conversation was in line with regulatory requirements while also automating the capture of complex financial information from the customer.

This wizard style approach approach improved on agent experiences by providing helpful information along the way and helping them to capture the right information to be successful in the customer’s contact, whether sales or service. Built and deployed in 3 months, the system, being a single repository for all aspects of the customer journey, provided valuable insight on every customer interaction to feed into Continuous Improvement. The key technical success of the system was that it could integrate with back-office systems via APIs, Databases and RPA in order to create a single customer view and drive end to end processes.


As a result of the system, work effort reduced by over 45% within 4 months, sales increased by nearly 10% and NPS was substantially improved.