IT Cost reduction

Do you optimize your IT spending?

Companies need to adopt an appropriate Software Asset Management program and develop their organizaton, processes and infrastructure. The successful implementation of SAM gives you greater enterprise control, decreases costs and ensures compliance with software licenses, thereby preparing your company for software audit.


FORFIRM can assist you with the following

Compliance Assessment

Design of efficient SAM organization

Ad-Hoc spend reduction

• Overview of install base and license situation

• Identification of SAM priority issues

• Estimation of savings potential

• Aligned infrastructure, organization and processes for effective SAM

• Sustainable match of supply and demand

• Quick wins (cost savings)

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Did you know that unmaintained software may be a substantial risk for your company?

Without SAM With SAM

• Does your organisation keep information about the number of times your software was installed on your computers?

• Was it more times than permitted by your licence agreements?

• Which cloud software do you use, if any?

• Can you differentiate between different software editions and versions?

• Are you sure that you would pass an audit carried out by your software vendor?
Companies are increasingly concerned about reporting accurate data to their software vendors regarding whether all their software is fully licensed and legal. The problems usually arise from inappropriate use of license agreements, insufficiently defined processes, the lack of software inventory tools and nonexistent or incomplete management of software assets (“Software Asset Management”, “SAM”).
While it is essential for companies to pass software vendor audits, it is even more important to ensure the optimal use of software tools as strategic assets. SAM may bring a solution to another difficult challenge of senior executives: reducing software costs. Assuming optimal utilisation, SAM may result in a substantial cost reduction, by up to 25–30% on an annual basis.
To ensure proper management, control and protection of tools throughout their life-cycle, companies need to adopt an appropriate SAM program and develop their organization, processes and infrastructure. The successful implementation of SAM brings your company a greater degree of control, reduces your costs and ensures compliance with software licenses, thereby improving your company’s preparedness for a software audit

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What are the benefits of SAM?

• It has both operational and financial benefits for your company.

• Your software costs and the related support and maintenance costs may be reduced by up to 25–30% on an annual basis.

• From an operational perspective, it lets you align your licenses with your software tools and their life cycle.

• The rationalization of software inventory provides a solution for legal, financial and reputational risks.

• It is an excellent tool for the management of benefits and risks associated with software tools.