Remove the wax, put the wax. As in kung fu, also in a professional perspective, the mentor-like figure plays an essential role in order to achieve company goals and the consequent professional growth.

For this reason, in FORFIRM, for each role covered, there is a reference coach who must release an assessment of the employee based on performance over a period of one year. The mentor / coach takes charge of evaluating the subordinate, indicating the right path to be taken to improve performance and achieve goals.

The evaluation generally takes place during the period July - August and on it are based the career shots operational since October.

Evaluation is carried out on the basis of specific criteria, including the professional capacity with respect to the role played, the organizational capacity and the management of the time of eight hours a day of work, the behavioral assessment (absences, delays, inappropriate behavior in the place of work or insubordination). Finally, the points of improvement, the objectives achieved and the future objectives will be focused on.

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