FORFIRM and Renewtech establish strategic partnership related to disposal of IT hardware

FORFIRM is a global consultancy firm specializing in helping their customers adapt to a more environmentally
friendly strategy for IT, Banking, and Telco clients through business analysis. This entails new IT infrastructure
for their clients. To secure an environmentally “compliant” ITAD (IT asset disposal) process, FORFIRM has in
recent years offered this service to their customers through the ITAD brand Neakosmo.
FORFIRM has experienced increased request for ITAD services from its customers and continue offering a high-
quality and environmentally compliant ITAD process, FORFIRM has decided to enter into a strategic
partnership with Renewtech and close down Neakosmo to further enhancement of the business strategy of
FORFIRM’s consulting services.
Renewtech is a global supplier of new, refurbished, and end-of-life hardware for enterprise IT maintenance
and optimization. Renewtech specializes in disposal and refurbishment of used IT hardware, securing an
environmentally compliant lifecycle extension of used IT.
The partnership between FORFIRM and Renewtech means that Renewtech will offer to purchase the IT
hardware from clients of FORFIRM. Also, Forfirm and Renewtech will further develop the LCA (Lifecycle
assessment) calculator model, to support customers in understanding the CO2 savings from refurbishing
IT products.
The partnership between FORFIRM and Renewtech also provide customers with the opportunity to get support
in documenting and incorporating their CO2 savings in the financial reporting as well as CSR-D.
The partnership will not have any consequences for the organization of FORFIRM or the business process. You
will experience the same service from FORFIRM, hence your relationship with Forfirm will remain the same. You’ll only experience a more profound and optimized ITAD service as well as CO2 reporting support.
We are excited of the new partnership with Renewtech, and we’re looking forward to developing our strategic
work in the coming years.