Budget improvement

Today, companies are called upon to undertake an important cost-efficiency exercise to compete globally.

Our clients that have adopted FORFIRM's robotic solutions in HR, commercial, back-office, customer care and finance processes have achieved higher service quality by significantly reducing operative costs.




Interconnected Supply Chain

Companies across sectors cooperate with trusted partners in a complex regulatory environment and are looking to develop an integrated supply chain, a main focus being to reduce transaction costs in a reliable and secure environment. With the adoption of smart contracts, it is possible to both reduce transaction times and costs, while guaranteeing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.




Corporate Compliance

The banking, insurance, TELCO and pharmaceutical sectors are evolving and becoming increasingly competitive, due to external regulation.

Companies which approach regulatory requirements by adopting a risk-based approach are able to reduce inefficiencies and experience advantages over competitors.


Risk based approach



Performance Matters

The digital market is no longer a secondary channel - in most sectors, it is the primary. Not having a high-quality online presence can damage client business in terms of both sales and exposure to risk.

Using predictive instruments to anticipate performance issues is key to avoid irreversible damages.

Performance Test



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We offer a SAP outsourcing factory located in Switzerland, providing a first-class service without compromises, guaranteeing high standards in the solutions delivered and return on investment.




The Perfect Storm

IT evolution has led to cyber war on a global level: it is no longer single hackers who attack computer systems, but entire organisations that, through a platoon of hackers, strategically attack specific companies or even governments.

These attacks use sophisticated social hacking techniques able to penetrate the core of the company using employee equipment as a Trojan to steal voice data and images.

Each modern organisation needs to defend their intellectual property, ideally with the set-up of both a defence line and a preventive attacker line.





Companies that, by law or by voluntary choice, submit their accounting data and financial statements to external scrutiny/controls (audit), can count on the support of our auditing arm FORFIRM Audit, which boasts extensive business and tax experience for industry-leading clients. In addition to being mandatory in many cases, having the financial statements reviewed is a choice that offers numerous advantages to the company, in terms of credibility and transparency, organisation and planning.

For companies, in particular small and medium-sized Italian companies, making use of an external control figure, even optional, able to control and suggest the necessary adjustments (including non-audit) represents both immediate advantages such as easier access to credit, and longer term benefits for organisational and structural growth. Also often to be found can be a change of mentality, which can be crucial in such a complicated context as the current economic situation.



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Green "Oil"

The great challenge that Europe (and the rest of the world) will face in the coming decades is to rethink our production model with a view to achieving environmental sustainability.

When we talk about the Circular Economy, we are discussing new horizons of competition to be discovered, providing a cultural and social response to the problems that modernity poses to us.

This new opening provides an opportunity for companies able to exploit this green revolution to dominate the reference markets. For companies, the next five years represents a unique opportunity to access the mass of government contributions and liquidity made available by the credit system, available for exploit with a small investment.


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