We are driven by the success of our clients. Our goal is to help you navigate through the minefield of risks and opportunities arising from globalisation, digitalisation, and the swiftly changing world around us.

FORFIRM was founded at the end of 2014 with the ambitious plan  to provide clients with pragmatic solutions to the challenges of an increasingly competitive, technology driven and unpredictable market.  Since our inception FORFIRM has invested  70% of profits into R&D, delivering effective proof of concepts to the market. 

FORFIRM is an established partner of major worldwide consortia, providing us access to privileged innovation in the early stages.

FORFIRM supports our clients' needs in Europe through a 360° focus on technology and business achieved through  our talent, continuous training and the rigor of our methodologies.

FORFIRM, unlike many larger consultancy companies, does not use subcontractors and the cost to our clients comes directly from real-time work on the project and co-investment in the definition of ideas, market analysis and prototyping. 

At FORFIRM we believe so strongly in the value we can bring that we offer the initial analysis and proof of concept at no cost to our clients, allowing our products and services to speak for themselves. 

  • Across all geographies, overall perception of FORFIRM from our customers is a very high-quality service - during a recent customer survey, it was identified that 92% of customers are highly satisfied with FORFIRM's services, and our repurchase rate is 98%.


Our main driver is the success of our clients, supporting you in every risk and opportunity arising from globalisation, digitalisation, and the swiftly changing world around us. We manage all these opportunities and risks through a solid methodology, Performance Improvement Through Benefit Management (PITBM), which not only allows the client to have full control of all phases of the project, but adapts to a wide range of integrated methodologies.

This allows you to have a common vocabulary and speed up processes; but this framework is supported by an even more important component - when we work on a client challenge, our employees evaluate impacts on processes, technologies, organisations and facilities, utilising the most important component: “the human touch”.


FORFIRM is always oriented to provide a high-performance service, impeccable in quality and at low cost, possible thanks to a reality in which our multi-disciplinary team can take control of entire projects, services, hardware and software. This type of approach guarantees project or service implementation at the best price without reducing the quality of outcomes.

We also manage to guarantee global discount on the provisioning of equipment and software licenses, thanks to our small but experienced team able to deliver quality results even on short timelines.
In general, any type of work challenge for FORFIRM is not faced by a large off-shore conglomerate, but by a small, highly knowledgeable team, guaranteeing considerable cuts on repair costs, immediately delivering our customers high quality results, and releasing top-performance services over the long term.


FORFIRM's aim is to provide the best environment for our talent. An environment where the only rules of the game are dedication and passion, and each person's career grows faster with each challenge overcome.

FORFIRM takes care of the environment, adopting policy facilitating the use of public transportation, contributing up to 40% of employee travel costs, facilitating home- working where possible and maintaining plastic-free offices.

At FORFIRM, we work responsibly and fairly every day, we are not 'yes men', but have to maintain integrity and be honest to clients and partners in order to preserve their business and minimise risks.

We are a 'people first' organisation. Among other things, this means that our main goal is to support our employees, our clients and our partners to achieve the best possible outcome, and contribute to the wider community socially and environmentally. We believe that money is a driver, but not the predominant goal. Integrity is key and we won’t do business now or in the future with companies (or even countries) that don’t match our values.


At FORFIRM, we have adopted the Performance Improvement Through Benefit Management (PITBM) framework for use throughout all stages of any project. It involves having full control of all project phases based on the delivery of successful results for clients.

The PITBM framework is fully adopted by our certified teams and is based on a range of integrated, international methodologies. This allows a common and recognisable glossary, and means our strategy incorporates best practices.



    FORFIRM takes care of your needs and challenges from the beginning, offering you an independent and complete definition of the process before proceeding with execution. Our joint venture starts without commitment on yourpartand we will work with you to design the goals, identify risks, solutions and budget.


    We invest 70% of our profits in R&D to deliver methodologies and experiment with new horizons. Our technology partners are carefully selected and tested in the FORFIRM environment or laboratory. Our observatory screens over 400 start-ups per year.


    We are Agile by definition, aware that the world is changing rapidly and consequently projects need to be constantly readapted. Our management methodologies are agile and risk-based, focusing on delivery rather than ritual and protocols.


    Our talent performance can be compared to “Big Three” standard but without the price tag or need to wade through layers to reach the expertise. The transversal knowledge of our people permits them to drive responses to business and technology challenges without the need to rely on sub-contractors.


Please see below a set of videos explaining our vision, commitment to our talent and the steps in our onboarding process.