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We are looking for people who make a difference



We are looking for pragmatic people

We are looking for pragmatic people that have the ability to problem solve in complex situations; people with a resilient approach able to react proactively to difficulties.

For this reason, from the very beginning we look for candidates who reflect these expectations, selecting them through a recruiting process divided into several stages. With each step taken, the candidate comes closer to becoming part of the selected and qualified FORFIRM team.


Our recruiting process

The recruiting process starts with  a short series of tests to assess your skills, ambitions and attitude, including recording video answers to a couple of questions.

If your profile aligns well with us, we will invite you to meet with one of our Human Resources department, who will find out more about you and give you an opportunity to ask your own questions.

For us, the right attitude and mindset is the most important asset, so the technical part of the interviews comes later in the process. There will be some technical challenges to complete (some automated using AI), and a discussion with one of our subject matter experts.  


Our keywords: transparency, fairness and efficiency

The screening phase will take approximately 2 weeks, fully online (this is the smart approach you can expect from FORFIRM!)

If the results of the screening are positive, we will move to the draft contract phase – you will be presented with a draft offer from FORFIRM, giving you the opportunity to evaluate the proposal and iron out any details, and then a final contract (subject to client approval).

Finally, our comprehensive onboarding phase will bring you into the FORFIRM team, meeting your colleagues and starting a new, exciting and innovative era in your career!

If, for any reason, the result of the screening is not positive, you will receive prompt feedback from our team.

We are proud of our recruitment process – we want to make sure we champion transparency, fairness and efficiency, and by being fully online, contribute a little to the reduction in CO2 emissions, all while identifying the best people for our company.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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Career Path

FORFIRM does not conform to the constraints of a traditional organisation, instead, we are creating a boundary-less structure, where employees are able to network and collaborate more than ever before. We are well-suited for rapid innovation and therefore for managing change - our aim is to diversify the company's activities and connectivity, increasing our ability to accept new challenges and set new goals frequently. Our management styles largely depend on soft skills – consensus building, relationships, listening, and understanding, taking the team with you willingly rather than dragging them along

FORFIRM organisation rules are:

  • Meritocratic, promoting advancement based on a ‘gamification’ system in which each employee can complete challenges, receive points and gain promotion to the next level.

  • Dynamic, with a multi-business strategy, we thrive on multiple lanes of progression and constant changes.

  • Flexible, to allow adaptation and advancement of the workflow, focusing on connectivity, maximising competitive advantages and encouraging our people to upgrade their knowledge and skills

  • A flat hierarchy, where each person has different responsibilities and authority based on their own knowledge and capabilities


A meritocratic system : Gamification

What the gamification?

Gamification is a bonus system that the company offers to its eligible employees in addition to their fixed salary upon the achievement of certain company objectives. 


What are the advantages of gamification?

Gamification is based on quantitative criteria, allowing us to reward and enhance individuals who bring value to FORFIRM in a practical way, with extra compensation to those who achieve certain objectives.

FORFIRM has introduced gamification both to stimulate healthy competition and to give enterprising and pragmatic people the opportunity to advance their careers in an entirely meritocratic way.

The gamification system has two sides – allowing the earning of bonuses, but also the chance to take new career steps within FORFIRM.

Gamification allows you to develop your best skills through different activities, gaining points, the possibility to unlock bonuses and to facilitate your career development.


We are looking for people who make a difference